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How do I know if my lawyer is doing a good job?

I have a public defender and I have no idea if he is doing a good job for me. In fact, several of the things he does in court make me really nervous. Also, the things I did not do leave me really nervous. I feel like a kitten in a basket floating down the river and I would like to know if I go over the falls. What should I do?

Concerned Consumer
Dear Consumer:

Condolences about the fact of your pending criminal case. As you know now, a prison is just the beginning of a long and complicated process. If you were arrested and taken into custody directly, he probably felt like he was ripped out of life you thought he was going to lead. Golden Gendarmes placed their belongings in a jail cabinet. Your fingerprints and DNA samples are now cataloged in a computer database (you know, for many unsolved murders those you have already done can). You had your clothes replaced by a poorly fitting jumpsuit with the thick colors hiding the stains that almost. The monetary value of your freedom has been calculated, and if you are lucky enough to pay bail, when you returned to your old life you found everything was different. And that if I was lucky enough to bail. All this occurs on or before the first date of the court, the accusation.

If you are in custody, you are entitled to a lawyer appointed by the court or public defender, no matter how much money you make. If you pay bail after having been appointed a public defender or a lawyer appointed by the court, the PD office may request a revaluation of the rent, if you think you are hiding assets or trying to cheat the opposite of the system. This rarely happens, it is rare, mainly because there is someone to cheat the system like that, but it is possible to know. If you live somewhere with a good PD office and you are on the verge of being named a lawyer, consider the benefits of staying in some extra days.

After the first date of the hearing, you will know other parts of the justice machine. For example, you will find a district attorney. Anyone who is offended by the way the promoter treats the typical should remember that they resist DA without a whole career, never having a client. A successful promoter does not have to be a person. Actually, they are probably because they are not successful promoters. Do not carry out personally when you forget that the purpose of your sermons on the court are people, although people who may have your spouse hit or sold to the Dimebag.

It is important to perceive that a public prosecutor here is not out to obtain the “truth”. The promoter is out to get it. The “truth” is not what has happened; The truth is what seems to have happened. No matter how guilty you are, what matters is how much the evidence makes you look guilty. Good criminal defense lawyers operate with this in mind. Good criminal defense lawyers do not moralize. I do not care if you have really done or not what you have been accused of doing; it is irrelevant to his defense. Please remember this before choosing who you will discuss your case with. I strongly do not talk to the cops or DA – or anyone, really – before talking to their lawyer. Your lawyer will help you avoid saying or doing things that make you look more guilty than it already is. His lawyer is ethically obliged to also advise what is of interest, unlike the district attorney, the police, and what a crazy face they have stayed with who wants to transform informant.

Moreover, he is often refrained from speaking to his victims and civilian witnesses until the last possible time before the trial; This prevents them from having to memorize these conversations and hand them over to the Defence council-especially those inconvenient conversations that reveal weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case. After all, a civilian cannot be trusted simply to reread a police report moments before his testimony and recite it as his honest memory with God; That takes at least 16 weeks of training from the Police academy to master that trick.
No public defender ever wants to admit that, despite their best intentions, they are also parts of that machine. That said, the typical experience of a person with a public defender will probably fall into a handful of patterns. In addition, the public defender of that person may or might not do certain things that leave that person nervous. However, none of the following is a matter of concern for itself. Only you know your situation, but I can give some possible explanations for some common grievances.

I. My public defender only sees me in court.

This is a common complaint, but it is not necessarily a cause for concern in most cases of “non-life” crimes. An experienced public defender can diagnose a typical crime case within a few minutes of conversation. Domestic violence cases in particular follow certain patterns. Is there a pending child custody dispute? She was drunk? In Psychiatric medicine? Who hit who first and with what? Here, you’re going to read the police report and tell me what parts are nonsense. We don’t need to set up another meeting to do this. This can be done in court.
Please do not take this to bad-the case of each client is important. But important doesn’t mean the same thing as complicated.

Here are some things you should do in court to make sure your public defender is in your case outside the courtroom.
Request a summary of each research report. You may be unpleasantly surprised with the amount of information collected against you. It will also give you the opportunity to guide your lawyer in search of information that may refute the prosecution’s case.

If you have witnesses (i.e. anyone who may have useful information), provide your public defender with as recent and accurate contact information as possible. Your public defender will be in disbelief when I tell you that this witness is someone you’ve known for years without, in any way, learning your last name.

If alcohol is involved, consider going to AA meetings and keeping a record of attention. AA leaders will ask for signature sheets at the end of the meetings.

Start rounding the character references you want the sentencing judge to read. By character references, I mean people’s letters describing all the good things you’ve done in the community apart and out of this case. These are, indeed, requests for indulgence to be considered by the judge and district Attorney at the time of sentencing.
Feel at ease to ask if a proposed offer is a good business before deciding whether to accept it. Our advice will be quite sincere.

II. My ombudsman is telling me that he is innocent
First of all, she’s probably saying for you to ask “Don’t answer “. Lawyer
Second, your public defender may be trying to tell you something. A public defender does not suggest a negotiation because it is “judging” the customer; She’s worried about the way the evidence against the client is going to look at a jury. A public defender will normally recommend a negotiation if the proposed sentence is appreciably better than a probable post-trial sentence. If a public defender repeatedly insists that a customer make an agreement, it may not be because the public defender does not understand the client’s problems with the business.

What the public defender may be trying to say is that whatever the client’s problems with the business, the alternative to the trial will probably not solve those problems.

III my public defender is not doing anything for me. Lawyer
Mouth exactly what you want your public defender to do. He cannot make your case go away. You can try to talk a little bit about the DA, but you may not succeed at it. Sometimes, the hard truth is that when you’re accused of a crime, it’s because “they ” want you in jail.